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V-Light Removal Solution 30ml

V-Light Removal Solution 30ml

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 Effortlessly remove hair extensions with our V-Light Hair Extensions Removal Solution. This 30ml (1 fl oz) solution is specifically formulated to work with our V-Light Removal Tool, ensuring a quick, easy, and pain-free removal process. Perfect for salon professionals and at-home use, this solution is safe, tested, and guarantees a seamless extension removal experience.

What's Included:

  • 1x V-Light Removal Solution [30ml – 1 fl oz]

Key Features:

  • Easy & Fast Removal: Designed for quick and efficient extension removal.
  • Completely Pain-Free: Gentle formula ensures a comfortable experience.
  • Safe & Tested: Formulated with safety in mind, thoroughly tested for optimal performance.
  • Long-Lasting: Each bottle lasts up to 2 months, providing excellent value.
  • Invisible & Comfortable: Ensures extensions remain invisible and undetectable during removal.
  • Shipping: Ships from our US Warehouse for fast delivery.

Important Info:

  • Compatibility: Only works with our V-Light Removal Tool.
  • Effective Combination: Use with Removal Tool & Lotion for best results.
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