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Double-Sided V-LIGHT Comb

Double-Sided V-LIGHT Comb

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Introducing Stella’s favorite double-sided comb for V-LIGHT applications! This essential tool features a unique design with two sides, each serving a specific purpose to ensure the best results for your extensions.

  • Metal Comb Side: Perfect for penetrating the hair and spreading the V-LIGHT glue evenly. The metal teeth ensure precise application, allowing for a more controlled and uniform distribution of the product.
  • Dense Boar Bristle Side: Ideal for tapping the glue through the hair and laying the extensions flat on the section. The dense bristles provide the perfect amount of pressure to secure the extensions smoothly and evenly.

This comb is not only highly effective but also incredibly durable. It’s sturdier and less flimsy compared to other combs, making it a reliable tool in your hairstyling arsenal. Plus, it’s easy to clean with extension removal solution, high percentage alcohol, or acetone, ensuring it remains hygienic and ready for use.

Experience the difference with Stella’s favorite tool and achieve flawless V-LIGHT applications every time!

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